Watch our live demonstration to Facial Cupping!

Watch our live demonstration to Facial Cupping! - By Bellabaci Cupping International

Need a professional, live demonstration to Facial Cupping? Here you go!

Our international trainer, Nicolette did us proud today to hop in front of the camera to give you a live demonstration to Facial Cupping. 

Including the original cupping massage system in your spa, either as a Add on treatment or as a full facial, you can offer your client a visible and tangible results in just a few minutes. Offer an Eye bag treatment, sinus pressure relief or facial muscle lift or just give her skin a radiance boost.

Facial Cupping is truly like exercise for the face. The negative pressure the cup offers, provides a surge of oxygenated blood flow to the most superficial layers of skin. This action directly targets fine lines and wrinkles, broken capillaries and removes excess fluid which causes that unwanted, swollen look.

Fluid retention also has it’s knock on effects which stretches the collagen fibers and leads to more wrinkles and lines.

Use The Bellabaci Facial Cups in Spa!

In spa, we recommend using the cups for 2 minutes per side of the face. If the skin is very sensitive and circulation is easily stimulated, the temperature of the skin you feel under your hands should act as your guideline for when it is time to move on.

When recommending the cups for home-use, your clients can use them every day for 2-5 minutes. Do tell them that in the set they will have one soft and one hard cup. The soft cup is to be used for 1 month before progressing to the hard cup. The hard cup is recommended after the one month cycle on the more muscular areas of the skin. It is especially relieving over the jaw for those who grind their teeth!

Have a question? Pop us an email or visit our website for more information regarding the Bellabaci Cupping Massage and Genie in a Bottle Massage oil range.

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  1. jeana millian says:

    can i be the next model? looks amazing!! ordering mine today going to watch this 500 times again lol x

  2. Cameryn says:

    amazing video , so smooth ! the way you handling those cups looks so easy and comfortable. i honestly need to try this out, My face needs an exercise. thank you so much for the video it was awesome to watch.

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