How to treat swollen ankles in just a few minutes

Swollen Ankles? Time for Bellabaci!

Are your ankles looking less slim than they should? Swollen ankles caused by flying, pregnancy or due to poor kidney function can feel very uncomfortable, even painful. The expansion also causes stretching of the skin, leading to cracks. This can be dangerous if you are diabetic. Cupping therapy is a simple and easy way to assist to manually drain away any pooling of fluids.

Swollen ankles need a helping hand, literally!

Manual manipulation is a simple way to help drain excess fluid. The Bellabaci Circuflow Kit is your perfect partner here.  The kit consists of 3 professional steps to help your body expel excessive fluid storage. It also helps to assist your lymphatic system.

Start by exfoliating your body with the Kese. This step helps to improve your micro-circulation. We want to address the body from the outermost layer, as your lymphatics are very superficial and basically skin deep. Follow by applying your Circuflow Genie in a Bottle.

Benefits for swollen ankles using the Circuflow Genie:

  • Treat fluid retention by aiding the release of excess fluid
  • Speed up flow of lymphatics and circulation
  • Balance hormonal activity related to fluid retention
  • Assists and strengthens fragile capillaries
  • Relieves heavy leg syndrome

Use your Bellabaci Body Cups to manually drain the fluid. It only take a few minutes and you can do it while watching your favorite series!

Squeeze the Bellabaci Body Soft strength cup slightly before setting it down. Start at your ankles and glide to your knee. Always drain towards the heart to support your circulation. This will greatly assist to improve fluid movement. Remember to use slow, even paths and move the cup toward your nearest lymph node. These are located behind the knee or groin when treating the full leg. Do not glide the cup over the lymph node. We bring fluid to, and take away from, but never working directly on the node.

Easy does it and voila, pretty soon you’ll be feeling comfortable and looking a lot less swollen. What is even better is that the treatment is natural and the benefits are cumulative. With these cups, life is better, anytime, anywhere!

Whoa, drink water when you are already retaining fluid?

We are supposed to drink anywhere between 2-3 liters of water per day. Not complying can make your body go into survival mode, storing every last drop. This means that drinking pure water is your first step to help your body get rid of any excess.

Swollen ankles? Drink more water!

Don’t like the taste of water? Try adding some mint and lemon or even a drop or two of honey. These  also have great qualities for digestion and weight loss.

Our lymphatic system deals with the fluid balance. It can however become overloaded at times of lowered immune or stress. Too much salt intake can also influence the process negatively. The lymphatics run very slowly. It relies on your breathing, movement and circulation to get around. Sitting at a desk for long hours is not helping at all.


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