testimonials from our happy clients

Lucie , NZ

I have been suffering from migraine headaches since my high school days, often unbearable, as it would hit out of the blue. One of my friends recommended Bellabaci, Body Cup Set and as my other medication was not having much effect on the pain, so I thought of giving it a shot. The cups are soft and flexible. I applied the cups to the base of my neck for a few seconds and I felt a soothing effect around the neck muscles, as if tension there being released, which is often the main cause of headaches. The suction from the cups was very comforting and felt as never before. Later applications were even more relaxing and calming like the feel one gets after a body rejuvenation spa. The cupped area feels so soft and tender; I believe it happens due to increased circulation in that area. Today, I feel more positive after having used this product. Though it may seem to be slightly pricey but worth every penny. I found it to be a very effective, non-invasive option, unlike any drug-based treatments, which cures superficially and does not target the underlying cause and hence boomerangs when the effect of medicine subsides.

Lana L . USA

“Now, to report to you, the results are completely amazing! First of all, the bruising is mostly done. I do it in the shower with shower gel and massage away. My skin tone is so soft and so much smoother, I don’t think I have lost any lbs, but my hip area is so much smaller. That is where I hold my weight. My legs no longer feel congested, and I think my stretch marks are going away. It is like a miracle. After I shower, I put on this oil I bought at Whole Foods for cellulite and mix it with lotion every day. People keep telling me how much thinner my legs look! I am so happy, I am tempted to buy the facial cups! Will the results just keep getting better?

I don’t ever want to stop? My skin is firmer as well, and I exercise everyday and never got the results I am getting now! Thanks, thanks, thanks. Can I do it for the rest of my life, LOL???? “


“I’ve tried LOTS of other things – you name it I’ve tried it. Was thinking of doing Endermologie but I think the cupping is doing the job anyway. I can highly recommend trying this as it’s cheap, effective and you can do this yourself at home.”

UPDATE: ”I can’t believe how well it’s working. The added bonus is that my skin also seems to be more toned – really weird but my skin is smoother and more toned and the deep crevices of cellulite that I had are starting to be less ‘crater like’. I’ve not seen anything work so well before and I’ve tried lots in the past.

Palm Springs Beauty Products Examiner

I’ve been using both the face and body cups consistently for a month and have noticed that my skin is more evenly toned and appears to be firmer especially on my legs. Seeing what the Bellabaci cups can do in just one month, makes me really excited to see what they can do in two months or three months. I like to use my Bellabaci Cups with organic massage oils that have essential oils in them. It’s very relaxing with therapeutic benefits too.”

QuinnEssential Massage Therapy & Holistic Wellness

“This is Kelli Quinn and I wanted to let you know that I have received the Bellabaci cups and I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THEM! The DVD is great and I’ve already used them on two clients who have each raved about them! I’m looking forward to finding some more Guinea pigs for practice because it is just SO much fun and SO much easier on my body!”

Bayside Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

“The results and number of sessions varied from woman to woman, depending on body type and lifestyle factors. Some women I would treat 2-3 times and their cellulite would be completely cleared. Some needed a few more sessions. I had some clients that were requesting a regular weekly maintenance treatment to keep the cellulite at bay. One client I had would come every 6 months when some cellulite returned, have a few sessions and not have any more problems for another 6 months. That woman discovered later though that when she gave up drinking so much alcohol and coffee the results would last a lot longer for her.

An interesting fact is that now all the latest cellulite machines are all working with this same vacuum concept. After having tried these new devices I am even more impressed with the traditional cupping method”.