Feeling tight chested? This will help!

Feeling tight chested? Katafray to the rescue! - By Bellabaci Cupping Massage

I love seasonal changes. It marks the start of a new season, and can have meaning in more ways than one. It can be the start of a new romance, finally quitting those cigarettes or be the beginning of a healthy lifestyle change. With it though, comes those dreaded colds and flu, feeling tight chested and congested.  Continue reading

Breathing Easy- Choose Cupping Therapy!

Breathing Easy- Choose Cupping Therapy!

Breathing Deep is no problem with Cupping Therapy!

Feeling tight chested when you have the flu can disrupt anyone’s mood. Not only does it interfere with your quality of sleep (which is also when the body heals and repairs itself!), but also your ability to inhale and make use of proper lung function. Most of us have poor breathing techniques which means that we are barely using a third of our lung capacity. So, one can imagine that it decreases even more when you are ill and producing excess phlegm. Continue reading