What are your stress signs?

What are your stress signs? - By Bellabaci INT

Stress related health issues have become such a common part of daily life. Do you know how to identify them? Some stress signs are very subtle and can be ignored, whereas the outcome can be detrimental. Your body does show hints of distress, this is why you need to take that moment to breathe and take stock of your health.

Stress signs – Little foxes that destroy the vineyard

Yes, most of us are in denial. I have recently gone through a period of stress and it is easier to blame the seasonal changes or something physical, than to look inward to what could be causing these “little irritations”.

Stress Signs and symptoms:

Thinning hair

I started noticing patches where the hair was becoming sparse. Unfortunately you only identify it when it’s there. An under-active thyroid gland can also be to blame, make sure to go for a check up!

Brittle nails

It is easy to blame nail products, but after going polish-free, the issue didn’t clear up.

Acne breakouts

How easy is it to blame hormones? It is a half truth as stress causes our hormones to be out of sync.

Dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin looks oily yet feels dry. When you are stressed, your body shuns fluid away from your extremities in order to keep in near your vital core. This is another reason why we get hair loss and brittle nails.

Weight gain

Feeling like you need to climb into the pack of crisps now and again is okay. Eating a whole packet every night is not..and your scale will tell you so. Being overweight adds to a low self-esteem, making us feel depressed. Refined carbs also cause an acidic pH. This is why a detox is always a good idea as well as drinking plenty of pure water to alkalize the pH.


Feeling like you can take a nap? Waking up feeling exhausted is always a sure stress sign. Restless sleep or waking up  often should not be ignored. If you have ruled out the caffeine intake and no fluids after 4pm, do see a doctor.

Constant colds and flues

If you are sick of being sick, speak to your pharmacist for a multivitamin. If you are eating a healthy diet, your uptake of vitamins may not be optimal. Or, your body is so busy dealing with elevated adrenal hormones that you are experiencing lowered immune function.

How do you relax and how often do you allow it?

Some people, mostly female, just don’t have the ability to “switch off”. Men like to watch sports for more reasons than just following the game. It allows them to escape the immediate situation. For women, going to the spa, whether for a massage or something else, has to be the ultimate escape. Comment below what you do to zone out and how regularly you allow yourself to let go.

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