The missing ingredient to treat Cellulite – add it quick!

The missing ingredient to treat Cellulite - add it quick! By Bellabaci INT

Most women today are worried about how to treat cellulite. How we look when summer hits can be even stressful for some. Yes, getting a tan (hopefully a fake one) can help, but we have more up our sleeves than that.. Read on!

Cellulite is a combination of fat, toxins and stretched connective tissue with excessive fluids. Toxins enter our bodies through the food we consume. The liver is the main organ to detox your body and get rid of fat accumulation. This vital organ easily becomes overtaxed, which means that your body is struggling to metabolize fat.

This is another reason why fluid intake plays such a vital roll. Your liver needs fluid to function well. Dehydration creates stress in the body, taking the focus away from treating your cellulite!

It’s essential to support your liver’s function

A great way to assist the liver is through herbal extracts such as Dandelion and Milk Thistle. Dandelion especially is well-known to help cleanse the body, and so, helps to decrease conditions such as cellulite and fatty liver issues.

Why you need this ingredient to treat Cellulite:

It’s a diuretic – This action helps to drain excessive fluids causes connective tissues to stretch and appear dimply.

Detoxifies the body – Toxins that enter our bodies through food is removed by this powerful herb. It is also a well-known treatment for bladder infections.

Assists the Liver and Gallbladder – The gallbladder works hand in hand with the liver to break down fat. The more fat is broken down, the less fat is stored.

Weight-loss aid – Due to its properties to break down fat, there are less fatty substances under the skin (and around visceral organs) which ultimately becomes the cellulite you see.

Improves overall health – Our bodies are constantly under attack. Refined carbohydrates, stress, and viruses are creating more issues than we know. By improving your overall health, your body can function better. This is why adding Dandelion to your routine can be an essential element. Putting out fires also takes up lots of energy. This energy can now be spent to repair and renew cells and tissue.

Anti-oxidant – Dandelion is packed with plenty of essential nutrients such as Vitamin C & E. These aid the body in
cell regeneration. Think skin dimples and loose skin.. Antioxidants also fight from cancer-cell activity to ageing.

Lowers Blood pressure – Not cellulite related, but worth a mention for those with hypertension!


Use the Bellabaci Cellulite Be Gone Genie daily. It will give you the correct organic dosage of Dandelion needed to address your cellulite. Using it topically on your target areas also ensures it goes straight to where you want it. Use in conjunction with your Body Massage Cups for just 10 minutes per day to achieve fast, professional results.

Dandelion is a fantastic ingredient to treat cellulite, but our Cellulite Be Gone Genie massage oil or Crème also contains these superior ingredients!

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