How to Massage your partner this Valentines day with Bellabaci

How to Massage your partner with Bellabaci this Valentines - By Bellabaci

Make your partner feel special and tackle those stress levels with cupping massage and our famous Stress No More Genie massage oil. The Bellabaci Massage Cups, are the original hand-squeezed vacuum suction cups based on the treatment successes of Ancient Chinese Cupping. Learn how to massage and help your nearest and dearest feel better in just a few minutes.

How to massage with the Bellabaci Cupping Massage System:

  • First, set the scene. Make sure the lighting is dim as this helps to increase Melatonin naturally (your sleep hormone), making sure that your partner will have a deep, peaceful sleep.
  • Whether you are using a professional massage couch or a bed, make sure your partner’s head and neck will be well supported.
  • During massage, it is normal for your blood pressure to drop. Ensure that your partner has had something substantial to eat and drink at least 30 minutes prior to the massage. Cook a romantic dinner if you have time to make him/her feel extra special.
  • Bring on the heat! Your body temperature lowers substantially from lying down for a few minutes. Heat the room slightly warmer than room temperature and have some thick towels or a blanket over his/her body.
  • Choose relaxing music to play softly in the back-round. Avoid music with words as the subconscious mind still focuses on the words and does not switch off properly to make the most out of the massage.
  • Choose your massage medium. We recommend the Bellabaci Stress No More Genie massage oil. This formula was designed to treat stress, insomnia, tension and anxiety. The Genie is also packed with energetic signatures  and pure Aromatherapy, so you can give yourself an extra pat on the back for improving your loved-one’s health and wellness!

The Massage: Some easy movements to try

Learning how to massage shouldn’t feel intimidating. We’ve got your back, every step of the way!

• Have on hand the Bellabaci Body and Super Cups. Always start with the Soft Body Cups on a light suction to increase circulation. When you feel your partner needs some deep tissue work, progress to the Super Cups for medium and then the Hard Body Cups for deeper pressure.

• Apply your Bellabaci Genie oil liberally and have the oil nearby, as you will need more as your massage progresses, especially if there is hair or excessively dry skin present.

• Start by squeezing the 2 Soft Cups lightly, and set them down on either side at the base of the spine. We always work towards the heart, so glide the Cups slowly along the back to the neck. This will help to drain any stagnant lymph and start toxin removal. Repeat x5

• Now for some deeper work. Squeeze the Soft Cup a bit more and glide, making big circles from next to the spine to his/her side, work all the way up and over the shoulder-blade and into the neck. You can work both sides at the same time and one side at a time for variation. Continue for a few minutes to relax the muscle fibers.

• Glide the Cup from the shoulder to the left side of the neck, up and into the hair-line. Ask your partner if the pressure is pleasant or if he/she would enjoy a deeper pressure. In this case you would either squeeze the Soft Cup all the way to increase pressure or grab your Super Cups for deep tissue work. The Super Cups also covers a larger surface area and feels incredible on the back. Repeat on the Right side after a few minutes.

• End off by repeating the first movement to drain and massage along the length of the spine up to the hairline in the neck.

After the massage, cover the back with a towel and let your partner rest for a few minutes. Always give your partner some water to drink and make sure they sit up slowly, as they might feel a bit unsteady on their feet until their blood pressure normalizes. Massage is a deeply rewarding treatment to give as well as receive, and doing so for a loved one can only add positivity to any relationship.

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