Offer a professional Cellulite Massage without breaking the bank

Offer a professional Cellulite Massage without breaking the bank - By Bellabaci International

Do you offer a professional Cellulite Massage in your spa?

In my many years of therapy, I found most of my clients were in a constant fight with cellulite. Obviously, it is not a condition that will directly cause physical harm. It does however directly indicate the body’s ability to deal with toxins and fat accumulation. Read more on how a regular and professional cellulite massage can benefit your client.

Then there is the emotional aspect. Unfortunately, we are made to believe that skinny and smooth is what we need to look like and dimples are ugly. We can tell ourselves or our client that its okay and we look fine, but we cannot help to feel self-conscious when it’s time to bring out the swimsuits.

Cellulite is also a progressive condition, meaning that it will reappear if the changes made to your lifestyle are not kept in check. This is where we can help our clients by giving them the correct tools and advice so that the time and money spent will not be in vain.

How can we help our clients to effectively treat cellulite?

Manual manipulation aka Cellulite Massage is probably the treatment that gives the most satisfactory results for clients and therapists. Visible results can be felt immediately after the 1ste treatment as the fluid that has accumulated will have been dispersed. It is most effective to recommend a package of 20 sessions. This means that over the next 10 weeks you will perform 2 sessions per week.

How often is the treatment performed?

It is recommended to have 2 rest days in between sessions. This allows the body to repair and detoxify properly before the next treatment. The ingredients in the topically applied Cellulite Be Gone Genie massage oil will also have its effects. It is completely normal if your client feels thirsty after the treatement . This is due to the release of toxins, making its way from the lymphatics to be excreted. Recommend a daily intake of 8 glasses of pure water per day for effective elimination.

Your client needs to play a part in creating her dream results.

On the days that your client will not be visiting you, she will need to do some “homework”. The Cellulite Be Gone Kit contains everything she needs and it will just take a few minutes. The kit is also quite versatile to help your client choose the most convenient way to use the products.

  • The Kese can be used in a shower, or as a dry brush.
  • The cups can be used in the shower, with a shower gel or used with the Cellulite Be Gone Genie.
  • If the cups were used with the shower gel, the Cellulite Be Gone Genie can be applied to the target areas after her shower.

It is very convenient for the client to relax on her couch in front of the TV whilst using this time to multitask. Just a few minutes of cellulite massage per area will make a great difference to achieve faster results. Bring out the bikinis!

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