Bellabaci Cupping Therapy INT – The Story of Us

Bellabaci Cupping Therapy INT- The Story of Us

Have you heard the beautiful story of how the Bellabaci Cupping Therapy INT system started? Let us inspire you that an idea can create something wonderful!

For Bellabaci Cupping Therapy INT, 2 wrongs did make a right!

First wrong:

In 2006, Keren Trabelsi was a successful owner of a prestige 5 star spa in Cape Town. As a qualified Aromatherapist, she knew what hard work massage can be for her therapists. It was a constant battle where therapists were having to deal with injured wrists. On the other side, Keren was facing a reduction in staff to fill the massage slots each day for this booming spa.

Second wrong:

Keren became pregnant, but the wonders of pregnancy quickly faded. She developed a debilitating and extreme form of Sciatica. Walking and standing became excruciating, especially with the ever-flourishing bump growing daily. At one point, she was reduced to use a wheelchair to get about.

One evening at a dinner party, a Russian lady asked her why is she in a wheelchair. Keren told her what she was experiencing and the lack of medication safe to use during pregnancy. Then, a great thing happened. This Russian angel invited her for Cupping Therapy.

Keren was intrigued and desperate. The stage was set. It involved a dining room table, a few whiskey tumblers, some cotton wool, a tweezer and a bottle of medicinal alcohol. For the first time in her life, Keren experienced the ancient form of Placement Cupping Therapy. Within 2 sessions, she could bear weight on her legs and the pain sensation was gone!

It takes passion, courage and determination to build your dream.

After some research, Keren discovered that Cupping Therapy is a modality reserved for TCM, Chiropractors, Ayurvedic practitioners and Physiotherapists. What a waste that it is not a well-known therapy in the West!

One night, Keren was bottle feeding her gorgeous baby girl. She took a closer look at the bottle teat which was made of silicone. Keren realized that it is such a great textile, especially if it is even safe for babies! You can squeeze it, it’s hygienic and a natural substance.

The Right was born.

The idea came together in Keren’s mind and she made an appointment with an engineer. The first drawing was made, then perfected. The mold was created. In 2007, the first line of the Bellabaci Body cups went into production.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bellabaci Cupping Therapy, where you can “cup kiss” yourself and your clients better!

Through Keren’s modernization of an ancient therapy, massage therapists around the world can now half the time of physical exertion, by using the cups during massage. The client receives even greater benefits through the combination of positive and negative pressure. You can also use this system at home. If you can squeeze the cup, and you can touch your area of pain, then you can do it!

11 Years on, Bellabaci INT exports to 25 countries and has become a global wellness movement. Find your Bellabaci massage in most 5 star spas, resorts and wellness centers around the globe. Another benefit is treat yourself daily for holistic health and well-being.

Extra bonus! The Bellabaci System can be used for Placement and Massage/Movement Cupping. Our treatment range offers a solution to almost any condition our clients face on a daily basis.


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  1. chevery says:

    what a truly beautiful story , so inspiring surely is a really strong woman and great mom. i am very much still using my genies and cups. my Before and after pics are on its way! so glad i got this and know the feeling of cupping.

  2. Viola Reed says:

    You changed my life with this invention. I treat everything! From my sore muscles to cellulite!

  3. Zach says:

    This in incredible! So glad that you modernized this and made it possible for me to use everyday at home

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