Meet Bellabaci at The Beautyworld Middle East Expo in Dubai!

Meet Bellabaci at Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai!

Yes folks, you read that right! We are exhibiting at The Beautyworld Middle East Expo and Dubai is hot on so many levels. The show is held at the Dubai World Trade center, so you have 2 days left to get your hands on some spectacular deals. The show is open from 10am to 6pm and find us at Hall 2 Booth B37, see you there!

Beautyworld Middle East is where it’s all happening!

I haven’t been to Dubai for 2 years and man, I can tell you that they are constantly improving and developing. Things just work here and service is fantastic in every industry. Even our waiter tonight, who’s name is Tony, at the restaurant in the Novotel Hotel made our night. He obviously saw that my super-hardworking colleague, Amy and I had a crazy day and gave us the best chocolate brownie of our lives!

Bellabaci Genies 250ml group

The show is bigger than big and day 1 was a blur of great people and just warms our hearts to do what we love. Our new black and super-sexy packaging is attracting a lot more attention and we are so pleased with the response. We have worked hard on getting this right as having excellent quality packaging that is pleasing to the eye, brings people closer for a better view and gives the opportunity to introduce our product lines.

FYI:  Did you know that we are the creators of the hand-squeezable cupping

system for professional and home use?

The star of the show so far is for sure our Super cups which cover larger areas faster, and are great for cellulite as well as men’s backs. Another top performer is the Facial Cups, watch our live demonstration HERE and be on your way to getting those wrinkles gone!

Watch this quick video to see what Beautyworld Middle East is all about!

Posted by Beautyworld Middle East on Monday, 12 February 2018

As you can see, this show can hold a candle to any other expo around the globe.I have also been vey impressed with the order and exceptional organizing of the show. So much planning goes into exhibiting, and we are not always sure how we will find the venue and if they have all their ducks in a row.

As things are going now, we will definitely be back next year and we look forward to the next year at seeing our Bellabaci, Bellabaci Sport and Cocobaci ranges grow in the UAE!

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12 thoughts on “Meet Bellabaci at The Beautyworld Middle East Expo in Dubai!

  1. Jannie Botha says:

    i was there! was so nice to meet you in person Nicolette! i love your blogs

  2. Aisha Khan says:

    i can to your stand on thursday, so sad to see you were sold out… are you coming next year?

  3. Kiryaan Naan says:

    Dubai is an amazing city and we have enjoyed the show so far. We were looking for your stand today but no luck, we will be there tomorrow. Thank you for providing your stand details.

  4. Ashmaai Mohammed says:

    Wow, you have traveled far from your country to ours, thank you for bringing this wonderful product into the UAE, it was lovely to meet the Bellabaci ladies today. Good luck!

  5. Ricki says:

    This was a great blog Nicolette, we missed this show this year unfortunately, after reading your thoughts on it, we will definitely be attending next year! All the best for the rest of the show.

  6. George says:

    It sounds like you are having a very busy time there! Please load some pictures on your Facebook Page, always wanted to go to Dubai

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